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Footswitch & Selector Pedals

The Bit Mixer is a small, high-quality mixer designed for pedalboards. It features ultra-low distortion, low noise op amps. High-impedance inputs are designed for guitar, but work with line level signals as well. Each input has a volume knob that goes from off to unity gain.  Only 4.4” x 2.6”, ..
The Bit Buffer is a tiny (2” x 1.5”) buffer that uses an ultra-low distortion, low-noise Burr-Brown op amp. Place it at the beginning of your pedal chain to prevent high-frequency loss (tone suck), or right before a long cable to a pedalboard or amp.The Bit Buffer is always on when power is connecte..
The Triple Foot Controller gives you remote control over functions in pedals that are equipped with an external foot control jack. Depending on the pedal it’s plugged into, the Triple Foot Controller can control tasks such as setting tap tempo, toggling through programs, mode selection and more. It ..
The Cntl Knob is an affordable, compact, easy-to-use pedal that delivers static remote control for devices with expression control jacks. It lets you set two preset values that represent two positions of a traditional expression pedal and toggle between them with its footswitch.The pedal’s EXP 1 Kno..
Electro-Harmonix - 8 Step Program - Analog Expression/CV Sequencer
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Attention freaks and geeks, this baby connects to another device and delivers sequencer control over parameters that respond to expression pedals or CV generators like oscillators, filters, delay parameters you name it. Set your tempo with the Rate slider or Tap Tempo footswitch, or sync to a drum m..
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Triple Switch provides 3 momentary and normally-opened switch contacts that you can use to unlock the full potential of controls and features of your pedals that have external control capability.Space saver : meticulously engineered to achieve the smallest possible footprint without compromising com..
Faves™ is a dead simple MIDI controller that allows the user to access six presets as well as "live” mode on-the-fly for any of the Chase Bliss pedals...
Electro-Harmonix - 8 Step Program Foot Controller
-20 %
The optional foot controller lets you save and recall up to 100 presets with the8 Step Program main unit.Quick Specs- Save and recall up to 100 presets- Two footswitches let you page up and down through your presets- Receives its power directly from the 8 Step Program via a standard guitar cable- Di..
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UTILITY PEDALUse the Red Remote with select JHS Pedals to remotely activate the on-board toggle found on the pedal itself. By connecting the Red Remote to a Red Remote equipped pedal with any 1/4” instrument cable, this essentially acts as an on-the-fly switcher to give you more tonal options in any..
Electro-Harmonix - 22500 Looper Foot Controller
-20 %
A wired remote control for the 22500 Dual Stereo Looper that gives you foot control over paging up and down thru the pedal’s Loop Banks.The 22500 records and plays in up to 100 Loop Bank. The Foot Controller makes it easy to navigate thru the 22500’s 100 Loop Banks, moving up or down by either one o..
₱2,800.00 ₱3,500.00
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