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Mad Professor - Stone Grey Distortion Modernized Mod

Mad Professor - Stone Grey Distortion Modernized Mod
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Stone Grey Distortion Modernized mod - Transforms your clean amp into an authoritative hard rock guitar tone!

Custom pedals series - During the Covid-19 our factory hasn't been running at full power. So we, here at the Mad Professor headquarters, have had some extra time to bring out some mods that were requested over the years to our pedals. Normally we´d have no time to do anything like this!

You could say our versatile high-gain distortion pedal Stone Grey Distortion has the attitude, well it just got even more aggressive! If you are looking for a modern distortion with a tight bottom end that never gets mushy even in killing speed, look no further! Modernized mod is a shot of adrenaline that brings the Stone Grey Distortion Custom Series pedal from Sabbath-tones into todays tonality as the midrange has been notched a bit and more gain has been added. Think sonic characteristics and touch sensitivity of a tight high quality 100 watt tube amplifier.

Stone Grey Distortion Custom is the ideal choice for players seeking hi-gain, rock, metal and drop tuning style tones. However, an open minded hard rocker will also happily notice that this limited edition pedal works wonderfully as a low gain pedal with great dynamics, as does the original version.

These limited edition hand modded here in Finland custom series pedals are available until further notice. Grab your limited edition pedal while they are here!