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EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Public bathing never felt so good. Thermae™ represents a radically new approach to analog delay and harmonization. The pedal digitally manipulates the analog signal path created by 4 re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips. T..
EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Musical sketchpad. Compositional delay.Habit is a delay with a memory. It stores everything you play for later, so you can revisit and reuse sounds from the past: Gather up loops, design echo patterns, and harmonize with yourself from two minutes ago. It’s an..
Chase Bliss CXM 1978 Vintage Studioverb
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EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Reflections of the 70s.1978 was a big moment for reverb. It was the dawn of sprawl, the first time reverbs were capable of massive trails and infinite decay. The CXM 1978 allows you to explore the charm of those late 70’s imperfections, or our hifi and lofi reimag..
Chase Bliss Preamp MKII Dirt Library
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EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Do-it-all of drive, filtering, and fuzz.It takes a lot to break up a signal just right. The character is all in the details, the small decisions that add up to a circuit: Before or after, cut or bump, high or low. With Preamp MKII, we decided to just hand them ove..
EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. MOOD is a two channel granular micro-looper / delay. Designed to be playful and immediate, it is a study of interaction. MOOD is internally collaborative, allowing audio to freely pass back and forth between its two sides, evolving and transforming over time. Drol..
EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Digital World. Dark Heart.Dark World™ is the first fully digital offering from Chase Bliss Audio; a unique dual channel reverb that we made with a little help from our friends. Cooper FX is responsible for the "Dark” channel; a collaborative effort influenced part..
EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. The bottomless looper.Within this little blue rectangle is an intricate machine to explore, unravel, and make your own, with infinite opportunities and outcomes. The dream of blooper was to merge high-quality looping with creative manipulation, allowing you to ste..
Chase Bliss Audio - Warped Vinyl HiFi - True Pitch Analog Vibrato/Chorus
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EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Originally conceived to simulate the effect of a warped vinyl record, but that only scratches the surface of what Warped Vinyl HiFi can do. This “true pitch” analog vibrato/chorus pedal features an all-analog signal path that can be dialed in to create a limitless..
Chase Bliss Audio - Gravitas - Analog Tremolo
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EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Pure analog warmth.This tremolo pedal features an all-analog signal path that can do any variety or shape of standard volume modulation, harmonic tremolo (inspired by vintage Brownface), or both simultaneously for a truly unique and beautiful tremolo sound that si..
EXCLUDED FROM ANY COUPON CODE. Faves™ is a dead simple MIDI controller that allows the user to access six presets as well as "live” mode on-the-fly for any of the Chase Bliss pedals.MANUALWATCH THE DEMO HERE..
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