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Loud'n Proud is a vintage Marshall in a box with a boost/fuzz.The vintage 4-input Marshall, just has that classic and rebellious rock tone we have all..
Fender Blackface amps (1963-1968) are widely considered as the most recorded amps in the history of music. And for a good reason.Mad Professor Super B..
The Royal Blue Overdrive is an extremely touch sensitive overdrive.Royal Blue Overdrive offers a wide range of tones from light overdrive into distort..
No one does bucket-brigade effects like Electro-Harmonix and with the Eddy you get lush EHX vibrato and chorus in a compact, pedalboard friendly packa..
Building on the synthesis platform of the award-winning Superego, the Superego+ raises the bar when it comes to creating synth effects, sound layers, ..
Tone aficionados kept telling EHX’s Mike Matthews about a pedal that had achieved a lot of buzz because it was only obtainable at an exorbitant price...
Electro-Harmonix - Ram's Head Big Muff Pi
NEW Out Of Stock
A faithful reproduction of the highly coveted 1973 Violet Ram’s Head Big Muff heard on countless classic recordings and famous guitar solos. It delive..
With original late-70s Op-Amp Big Muffs selling for exorbitant prices, Mike Matthews decided to take the power to the people and reissue the classic p..
Built for the player who demands nothing less than hard-hitting distortion and an intense, aggressive sound!The EHX Nano Metal Muff was built for the ..
The polyphonic MEL9 uses the same extraordinary technology as the B9, C9 and KEY9 to transform your axe and resurrect the sound of vintage tape-based ..
Walrus Audio - SLO - Multi-Texture Reverb
The Slö Multi Texture Reverb allows players to create lush, modulated, sleepy and ambient soundscapes. Stocked with three different algorithms specifi..
Walrus Audio - MAKO Series - D1 High-Fidelity Stereo Delay
NEW Out Of Stock
Feature-rich delay packed with inspirational delay algorithms. Digital, Analog, Lo-fi and Slap Back help go from rhythmic riffs to warm, murky repeats..
The Fathom is a feature-rich reverb with 4 different customized reverb algorithms to choose from. Easily go from tasteful, small room reverb to l..
Updated in all the right places for top notch tone and playability.   Updates to the V3 are as follows: • Added Tone knob (bass cut..
Keeley Electronics - HYDRA - Stereo Reverb & Tremolo
NEW Out Of Stock
The HYDRA combines high-fidelity Reverb and Tremolo to add space and dimension to your guitar, bass, or keyboard signal. After the team at Keeley comp..
The ECCOS Delay Looper is based on a new stereo, flanged delay tone. Create beautiful sounding tape style delay lines and then spin them endless with ..
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