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The Disaster Area micro.clock is an intelligent tap tempo and clock source for your pedalboard.  Synchronize two tap-tempo compatible pedals plus..
Micro-Sized MIDI ControllerThe DMC.micro PRO is an updated and improved version of our most popular controller, featuring full-sized performance but i..
OverviewThe Pedal Power 3 series is the first lightweight, high current, international voltage power supply to deliver zero-noise performance. Its inn..
MINI KATANA CLEAN BOOST!  Micro perfection sound just a bit smaller Want a mirror image of your tone, only louder- This is it. The Katana Boos..
The HYDRA combines high-fidelity Reverb and Tremolo to add space and dimension to your guitar, bass, or keyboard signal. After the team at Keeley comp..
The D&M Drive is the perfect storm of Drive and Boost.  The D&M offers a gorgeous sounding high-voltage Boost side which is designed to i..
Keeley are renowned for building exceptional quality pedals, and their popular compressor units are seen on countless pedalboards across the world. Th..
Keeley have updated their acclaimed Caverns pedal with some great new features and styling. Combining delay and reverb, this pedal is perfect for..
EarthQuaker Devices - Plumes® Small Signal Shredder
Plumes® is a unique, all-analog approach to a classic tube-like overdrive circuit offering 3 different clipping voices, loads of headroom and almost t..
The Disaster Transport SR is a dual delay with reverb and modulation. It was designed from the ground up to create an intense wash of lo-fi swirling t..
SUPER DREAMY REVERB YOU CAN OVERLOAD A synthetic atmosphere creator. Use the effect on any instrument to add depth and simulate different environ..
Similar to the thick and gooey sound of the Echo Dream 2, the MICRO DREAM is streamlined and compact, with a slightly more grainy, decayed delay sound..
A powerful, ethereal delay pedal with otherworldly controls. Push the feedback for vast worlds of colorful sound. Introduce a bit of warble with the m..
With original late-70s Op-Amp Big Muffs selling for exorbitant prices, Mike Matthews decided to take the power to the people and reissue the classic p..
The smallest member of the polyphonic POG clan provides impeccable tracking and sound. Separate level controls for dry, sub octave and octave up plus ..
The 15Watt Howitzer guitar amp/preamp is an ultra-compact workhorse that’s perfect as part of a portable guitar rig, or as an emergency backup and gig..
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