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PettyJohn - SHIFT Pedal - Studio Grade I/O Utility Guitar Pedal
-30 %
Our goal in creating this pedal was to fill what we saw as a hole in the market for a true studio-grade utility box. There are five main functional uses for the SHIFT: 1. Buffer & boost 2. Studio grade direct box 3. Tone color box 4. Re-amp tool 5. Cable extender system Th..
₱10,220.00 ₱14,600.00
PettyJohn -  Gold MKII Pedal
-30 %
The Pettyjohn GOLD MKII is an update to our best selling golden amp overdrive. The GOLD has been loved for its ability to sound and feel like a high watt Plexi syle amp. Now with greatly extended controls and gain range the GOLD MKII can satisfy almost anyone looking for anything from an always-o..
₱10,500.00 ₱15,000.00
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