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Keeley Electronics Super AT Mod Overdrive - Andy Timmons Inspired Mod
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Andy Timmons Inspired ModTube Amp Asymmetric ClippingEnhanced Tone SwitchEngineering the perfect overdrive… again! (And this time we brought a friend.)There is something special about a Keeley Modded Blues Driver. There’s something even more remarkable about Andy Timmons’ tone. Since his exposure to..
Andy Timmons signature HALO sound5 delay rhythms – 8 factory presets0 to 1500ms of delay time for ambient creationsAndy Timmons’ mysterious sounding  “Halo” effect is a modulated dual echo sound that has long been kept a secret by the tone wizard himself.  Andy spent decades combining and ..
MINI KATANA CLEAN BOOST!  Micro perfection sound just a bit smaller Want a mirror image of your tone, only louder- This is it. The Katana Boost is also a fat, harmonically rich boost, just pull out on the volume knob and stretch your imagination with overdriven tone! You can keep it on all t..
Keeley Electronics - Compressor Plus - Classic Keeley Compressor
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Keeley are renowned for building exceptional quality pedals, and their popular compressor units are seen on countless pedalboards across the world. The new Compressor Plus pedal is a permanent replacement for the classic 4 Knob Compressor, and if Keeley are confident enough to replace a legendary st..
Keeley Electronics - Compressor Mini
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The next generation of Keeley Compression!The next generation of compression is finally here! The Keeley Compressor Mini is designed to make the magic of compression simple and easy to use. Featuring Manhattan-style compression, the Compressor Mini intuitively and automatically delivers the perfect ..
Keeley have updated their acclaimed Caverns pedal with some great new features and styling. Combining delay and reverb, this pedal is perfect for adding to the end of your pedalboard chain or placing in your amp’s effects loop. Masterful ambience from one of the world's best boutique effects&nb..
Keeley Electronics Parallax Spatial GeneratorBased on our Caverns modulated delay and the Realizer’s modulated, pitch bending, or reverse reverbs.The Parallax offers the delay side of the legendary Caverns paired with unique Shoegaze inspired reverbs of the Realizer in one pedalboard friendly enclos..
Keeley Electronics Moon Op Amp Fuzz
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Introducing the Keeley Moon Op Amp FuzzNew MoonThe Moon Op Amp Fuzz is a supermassive destroyer, spinning galaxies of gain. Tidal wave bass response gives you tones heavy as gravity itself.The filter control offers an expanded range of usable tones and the filter switch gives you three distinct EQ p..
Many say the Phat Mod delivers their favorite tone from a pedal. It’s that natural break-up that just feels good and lets you express yourself. The dynamics make it feel alive and part of your fingers. That’s the reason the modified pedal has stayed on people’s boards for nearly 15 years. The Keeley..
The ECCOS Delay Looper is based on a new stereo, flanged delay tone. Create beautiful sounding tape style delay lines and then spin them endless with the Looper! Designed to be at home in live pro rigs or bedroom studios while experimenting. The Keeley ECCOS is a delay-looper workstation with superb..
Keeley Electronics - Loomer Workstation - Wall of Fuzz
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The Loomer is a Wall-Of-Fuzz drenched in a Wash-Of-Reverb. Heavy Gain, Soft Focus, Reverse,  Cascading Octave Feedback, Tremolo Bar Strummed Reverb. A stoned, morning floaty, messed up, thrill machine is what it is.  Washes of reverb in new ways you’ve not heard in a stomp box before..
Keeley Electronics - HYDRA - Stereo Reverb & Tremolo
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The HYDRA combines high-fidelity Reverb and Tremolo to add space and dimension to your guitar, bass, or keyboard signal. After the team at Keeley completed the ECCOS, we wanted to craft the perfect companion pedal, and we did just that with our new, feature-rich blue box.Bathe your sound in Spring, ..
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