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Keeley Electronics - Super Rodent - Overdrive & Distortion

Keeley Electronics - Super Rodent - Overdrive & Distortion
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Keeley Electronics Super Rodent Overdrive and Distortion

Keeley put two very different overdrive & distortion pedals in one box and gave you two new sounds in the process. The Keeley Super Rodent is a 4-in-1 pedal that gives you two well-known distortion circuits and two brand new sounds by way of the toggle switches! It’s almost like pedal-modeling, except these are 100% analog circuits and you decide which tone-control or clipping-section you want to play through. You can play through the classic yellow ‘Japanese Super O-Drive’ or a ‘Rodentia Michigander’ distortion circuit, or even better, you can Frankenstein new monster tones with the two hybrid modes. The creative design keeps the pedal a simple and space-saving three-knob distortion pedal with an amazing tone. It only takes two seconds to make the Super Rodent either buffered-bypass or true-bypass, whatever works best on your pedalboard. The Keeley Super Rodent Overdrive and Distortion is entirely designed and manufactured by Keeley Electronics in a new aluminum enclosure.

Two classic distortion/overdrive circuits are combined into one pedal

Swap tone controls and/or distortion sections to create new sounds. By mixing the SD Overdrive and RT Distortion, you can create two unique Hybrid Distortions.

Silent Buffered Bypass or True Bypass - hold footswitch for one second to change

Professionally Engineered and Expertly Manufactured Pro Audio Gear - sounds developed in the Keeley tone lab and in the field, then built entirely in our factory.

Tone Control

The Super Rodent gives you two tone control circuits to choose from. When the Tone Switch is down and in the RT Position the tone control simply rolls off high-frequencies. If the Tone Switch is up and in the SD Position you have an active low pass filter and more bass and treble frequencies are available.

Diode Clipping

Hard or Soft Clipping: The Super Rodent gives you both styles of diode clipping. Diodes are used to create hard clipping distortions or smooth overdrive sounds. If the Clipping Switch is in the RT Position it features Hard Diode Clipping which is an edgier, more aggressive tone. When the Clipping Switch is in the SD Position that uses Soft Diode Clipping, like a softly overdriven tube amplifier.

The Super Rodent is both Buffered Bypass and True Bypass

The Keeley Super Rodent features our Jfet buffer for noise free switching. We have developed an amazing sounding buffer which not only makes your rig sound better, it gives you silent switching with no tone loss. No more pops and clicks to distract from your music. If you prefer true bypass, simply press and hold down the foot switch for two seconds and the LED will flash twice to indicate success. True Bypass is great for players that want the effect of plugging directly into their amp when the pedal is off. Alternatively, players that want a strong and clear signal whether the Super Rodent is on or off, simply hold the stomp switch down for two seconds and the effect is back to Buffered Bypass (LED flashes three times). Enjoy truly silent switching and let your music be the only voice.


• Input Impedance: 500 k

• Output Impedance: 1 k

• Current Draw: 29 mA

• Dims: 5 x 2.6 x 2.8 in (12.7 x 6.7 x 7 cm)

Made In The USA