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Keeley Electronics - Caverns V2 - Delay & Reverb

Keeley Electronics - Caverns V2 - Delay & Reverb
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Keeley have updated their acclaimed Caverns pedal with some great new features and styling. Combining delay and reverb, this pedal is perfect for adding to the end of your pedalboard chain or placing in your amp’s effects loop. Masterful ambience from one of the world's best boutique effects brands.

With 3 different reverb modes and a delay based on Keeley’s renowned Magnetic Echo pedal, this versatile pedal is ideal for incorporating into a tight pedalboard setup thanks to its small enclosure and ergonomic top-mounted jacks.


On the reverb side, you have the choice of 3 different reverb palettes. The spring mode emulates that old-school Blackface style spring reverb sound, with subtle F-style tremolo to get you classic surf-rock sounds. Modulation mode adds a fluid character to the reverb trail, allowing you to achieve a huge cavernous wall-of-sound with its sweet choral modulation.

The last mode is shimmer, which adds an upper octave to the reverb trail so that you can get dreamy, experimental ambient sounds.


The delay side derives from Keeley’s Magnetic Echo circuit, which is designed to produce uncanny analogue tape delay sounds. If you love legendary units like the Echoplex but don't fancy the hassle (or price) of such a fragile machine, the Caverns will serve you well.

Similar to the reverb side, this pedal has a three-way switch letting you perfectly craft your delay sound, so that it can complement your sound whether clean or distorted.