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Matthews Effects The Surgeon V2 Delay With Midi
-25 %
We wanted to create a delay that packed in all the advanced features customers wanted but also an accessible experience that made it easy to plug in and instantly get inspired with the music you are able to create. This created the Surgeon.  Choose between 8 different algorithms divided in..
₱11,475.00 ₱15,300.00
Matthews Effects - The Futurist Controller
-25 %
The Futurist is a unique, compact MIDI controller pedal that pioneers a better way of experiencing MIDI. Built on the core ambitions to make MIDI easier, more accessible, and to provide strong features, The Futurist, strives to bring you the innovations of tomorrow today! The Futurist is not limited..
₱10,575.00 ₱14,100.00
Matthews Effects - Broker - Duality Overdrive
-25 %
The Broker is a unique dual overdrive solution in a compact single footprint enclosure! With the ability to toggle the order of the overdrives and a wide range of tones the Broker is a great solution for large and small pedalboards. Independent controls of “Volume”, “Tone” and “Gain” easily dial in ..
₱9,300.00 ₱12,400.00
-25 %
MATTHEWS EFFECTS - THE COSMONAUT V2The Cosmonaut V2 is a reverb and delay pedal which harnesses spacial anomalies that let you travel to new frontiers of time and space. The journey begins with two rows of identical controls, allowing you to  switch between the top and bottom row with the push ..
₱9,300.00 ₱12,400.00
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