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Jackson Audio - ASABI - Mateus Asato Signature Pedal

Jackson Audio - ASABI - Mateus Asato Signature Pedal
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The Mateus Asato Signature Pedal, the ASABI, is a distortion and overdrive pedal that contains a HUGE array of tones and is also the world's first pedal to feature analog distortion plug-ins!

To keep things interesting on your pedalboard, we developed the technology to create replaceable distortion plug-ins so you can swap the distortion circuit in the ASABI without having to buy a completely new pedal! Because we all like to try out new pedals, these affordable plug-ins allow you to buy the pedal once and update it with new plug-ins all the time!

The name ASABI, which means, "of unusual birth" was chosen by Mateus because it speaks to the unique nature of this pedal, as well as his own family heritage. To learn more about how the ASABI, click here

Power Required: 9V @ 200mA. Center Negative.