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Xvive H1 U2 Transmitter Holder

Xvive H1 U2 Transmitter Holder
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Accessory for the U2 Guitar Wireless System

H1 Transmitter Holder

  • Allows you to attach your U2 Guitar Wireless System Transmitter to a guitar strap—distancing it from your instrument’s output jack
  • ¼” extension cable (included) connects the U2 Transmitter to the output of your guitar or bass
  • Protect your U2 Transmitter in the H1’s leather holster, instead of leaving it exposed at the end of your instrument

In some cases, active or piezo pickups can produce some undesirable high-pitched noise when used with the U2 Guitar Wireless System.

You can eliminate this interference by physically moving the U2 transmitter further away from your guitar’s electronics with the H1 Transmitter Holder!

Similarly, acoustic guitars with pickup systems that include an integrated microphone can create problems for the U2 system. Fix these with the H1!

The top hook+loop flap can be looped through your strap’s buckle to prevent slippage. Two hook+loop straps hold the H1 secure against the guitar strap, and the cable extension goes through an opening at the unit’s lower end to ensure that the U2 never gets disconnected!