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Mad Professor - Sweet Honey Overdrive Fat Bee Mod

Mad Professor - Sweet Honey Overdrive Fat Bee Mod
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Mad Professor - Sweet Honey Overdrive Fat Bee Mod
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Sweet Honey Overdrive with Fat Bee mod - Bottom end tweaked to the limit!

Custom pedals series - During the Covid-19 our factory hasn't been running at full power. So we, here at the Mad Professor headquarters, have had some extra time to bring out some mods that were requested over the years to our pedals. Normally we´d have no time to do anything like this!

Everybody knows that no one pedal can marry happily with all amps. A few times we’ve heard that Sweet Honey Overdrive could use more bass with this and that amp. Wait.. we have Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe already! Well, deluxe version has some other differentials too, but it has the bass adjustment BEFORE drive circuit. And that’s great too, but we have added more bass AFTER the drive circuit into this limited edition custom series Sweet Honey Overdrive with Fat Bee mod. So what you get is the same sound and the same drive section with more bass!

The sheer dynamics of the Sweet Honey Overdrive make it one of those pedals you have to own before you die. Like a great valve amp, it cleans up when you ease off your attack on your guitars strings and then unleashes glorious harmonically rich overdrive when you dig in. So grab your limited edition version of this all time best seller while they are here! Hand modded in Finland and available until further notice.