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Electro-Harmonix - Tone Corset - Analog Compressor

Electro-Harmonix - Tone Corset - Analog Compressor
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The Tone Corset, our four-knob analog compressor, squeezes your guitar tone in all the right ways! Mike Matthews says, "The Tone Corset is the funkiest analog compressor I ever heard on guitar!"


Quick Specs

- Four-knob design provides excellent control and gives the user the ability to precisely shape their instrument’s dynamics.

- The Sustain knob controls the amount of compression applied to the guitar signal.

- The Attack know adjusts how quickly the compressor recovers. As Attack is turned clockwise the pedal’s response is slower and more initial pick attack comes thru.

- The Blend knob adjusts the mix of the dry and compressed signals.

- Volume controls the overall output level.

- The Pad switch pads down the input signal to prevent undesirable distortion if the Tone Coret is used with high output humbuckers, bass guitar, etc.

- True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity.

- 9-Volt battery included, also accepts optional EHX 9.6VDC-200mA power supply

- Current Draw: 9mA @ 9VDC

- Dimensions in inches: 2.75(w) x 4.5(l) x 2(h)

- Dimensions in mm: 70(w) x 115(l) x 51(h)