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Hotone Tuner Press 

A Lightweight Swiss Knife



The Hotone Tuner Press is not just your average tuner pedal; it's the epitome of versatility. Weighing in at a mere 600g, this pedal isn't just a tuner; it's a volume pedal, an expression pedal, and a buffer pedal all rolled into one. The footswitch provides tactile feedback, allowing you to seamlessly switch between expression and volume control. Elevating the pedal in volume mode activates silent tuning automatically. The HD LCD screen, complemented by the switching indicator, ensures an intuitive, accurate, and rapid user experience. Furthermore, the Hotone Tuner Press inherits the classic design of the popular Ampero Press series, seamlessly blending Hotone aesthetics with portability and practicality. 





1 Equals 4

The Pedalboard's Burden Lifter 



A single Hotone Tuner Press does the work of two pedals, plus a tuner, and a buffer! Boasting Hotone's latest tuning algorithm, this pedal provides a sensitive, smooth, and high-precision tuning experience. With independent volume and expression output jacks, it becomes the ideal companion for both stompbox pedals and multi-effects. The option to activate the buffer circuit adds flexibility to your setup. 




1 Minute to Learn the Drill

 1 Second to Switch Modes



Powerful functions, straightforward logic, and user-friendly operation define the Hotone Tuner Press. Activating the tuner is as simple as lifting the pedal, while switching between volume and expression is accomplished with a quick press of the footswitch. 





A Visualized Operation Experience 



Built-in footswitches of effects units typically use rubber pads to simulate footswitches, resulting in weak tactile feedback.  

Ampero II Press, on the other hand, employs a unique "click" footswitch, allowing you to feel the pedal's status change with certainty while performing on a lively stage.  





A Tuner Tailored for Musicians



Utilizing a new tuning algorithm, the Hotone Tuner Press ensures increased accuracy and responsiveness. It offers a choice between Chromatic and Strobe tuning modes, and Strobe mode allows for ±0.01 cent tuning accuracy.


Customize Display Modes to Suit Your Style: 

* T+S: Tuner activates when the pedal is fully raised and turns off in other positions. 

* T: Tuner remains on at any pedal position when raised. 

* T+P: Display the tuner when the pedal is fully raised and show real-time pedal travel in other positions. 




Your Effect Pedals’ Loyal Companion



The Hotone Tuner Press, with its independent Expression Out and Volume Out jacks, is a boon for diverse players. If you have only one EXP connector on your effect pedal, and you want to have expression and volume control at the same time, Hotone Tuner Press is the way to go. 





Hi/Low Impedance Switching

Secure Your Tone 



The Hotone Tuner Press can be switched between high and low input impedance to maximize the sound of your guitar and effects. High impedance is suitable for the input of high-resistance instruments such as guitars and basses, and the pedal is located at the beginning of the effects chain; low impedance is suitable for the input of effects and other devices, and the pedal can be located in the middle or at the end of the effects chain to meet the your customized needs. 





A Solid Pedal That Evolves



The Hotone Tuner Press might be small and light, but it can take a lot of physical abuse(strongly NOT recommended). It's made of the finest materials - lightweight aluminum alloy shell, sturdy steel connecting shaft, and non-slip frosted surface for a solid, high-quality experience; the built-in potentiometers also ensure for precise response and durability. Meanwhile, Hotone's R&D team will escort the product farther and continuously upgrade the functions and experience in future updates. 





✪ Switchable buffer 

✪ Precise and responsive tuner with a pitch detection accuracy of ±0.01 cent

✪ Muti-functionality: tuner, volume, expression, buffer and more 

✪ Increased footprint for a better user experience 

✪ Independent volume and expression output jacks 

✪ Active volume design for keeping lossless tone 

✪ HI/LOW impedance switch for more  connection possibilities 


Pitch detection accuracy

±0.01 Cent

Pot Resistance (EXP out)



1/4″ Tip Sleeve (TS) jack×1,1MΩ/10kΩ


OUTPUT:1/4″ Tip Sleeve (TS) jack×1,1kΩ

EXP OUT:1/4″ Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) jack×1,10kΩ

Power Requirements

9V DC Center Negative

Current Consumption

Max 70mA


81mm (W) x 162mm (D) x 61mm (H)