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SquarePlug™ 4" - Short Barrel Patch Cables

SquarePlug™ 4" - Short Barrel Patch Cables
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Comes in Nickel & Black head color. 

High Quality - Low Profile Patch Cables.

Using Mogami 2314 Cables

and SPS4/SPS5 SquarePlug

SquarePlug SPS4 [SPS5]: the smallest soldered 1/4″ straight connector with strain relief created to date! SPS4 [SPS5] has been designed with the same idea in mind as for the SP400 [500] series, that is, create the least obtrusive, yet full-featured straight 1/4″ jack. A two-screw cable clamping solution sets the SPS4 [SPS5] apart from its counterparts, as it yields a much more effective strain relief action compared to what the traditional cable clamping way provides. Those screws, when replaced by a set of optional anodized screws [scroll down], provide a unique and innovative means to trace/ID audio cables whether they’re terminated by the SP400/500’s, SPS4/5’s or both.