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SquarePlug™ 9" - Angled to Straight Patch Cables

SquarePlug™ 9" - Angled to Straight Patch Cables
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Comes in Nickel & Black head color. 

High Quality - Low Profile Patch Cables.

Using Mogami 2314 Cables

and SP400/SPS4 SquarePlug

SquarePlug SP400 [SP500] is what we believe the 1/4” ‘pancake-type’ connector introduced by Switchcraft some 50 years ago under the designation 228, should look like in 2017. With today’s trend towards more compact, all-in-one integrated systems, a smaller and more functional version of the Switchcraft 228 was needed. We took on the challenge of redesigning the S228 in every detail and we came up with the smallest solder type 1/4” right angle connector created to date. SP400 [SP500] is not only thinner than its counterparts, soldered and solderless alike, but is also narrower and shorter, which makes it the only soldered connector on the market to work with many switchers/controllers with close jack spacing.

SquarePlug SPS4 [SPS5]: the smallest soldered 1/4″ straight connector with strain relief created to date! SPS4 [SPS5] has been designed with the same idea in mind as for the SP400 [500] series, that is, create the least obtrusive, yet full-featured straight 1/4″ jack. A two-screw cable clamping solution sets the SPS4 [SPS5] apart from its counterparts, as it yields a much more effective strain relief action compared to what the traditional cable clamping way provides. Those screws, when replaced by a set of optional anodized screws [scroll down], provide a unique and innovative means to trace/ID audio cables whether they’re terminated by the SP400/500’s, SPS4/5’s or both.