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Animals Pedal I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion

Animals Pedal I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion
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I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion is an effects pedal that makes the classic distortion that all rock guitarists crave. This wolf brings back the large black amplifier stacks from the UK that gives the thick, warm, and edgy sound of those large amplifiers and 4x12 cabinets.

Our latest version of the IWAW has improved access to the footswitch by placing it to the front right spot on the pedal, while also making it easier to change the battery when needed. The art has been upgraded, and the circuit has been fine-tuned and expanded to work well with a wider range of guitars and amplifiers.

Many distortion pedals always have a strong distortion sound when you turn them on, but don’t allow you to set them nearly “clean” or just with a little edge – to get those crisp distortions with light crunch to creamy overdrive tones. Bump up the gain and you get into typical medium to high gain distortion with searing sustain and crunchy intensity. You can also control the amount of distortion present in your sound by using your playing dynamics and fingers or simply roll back your volume knob on the guitar. The choice is yours.

The IWAW comes equipped with a VOL control to adjust the overall level, a DRIVE control to adjust the intensity of the distortion, and a TONE control that controls the brightness of the sound, especially the higher frequencies so you can dial in a great sound using a wide variety of amplifiers. It features a true bypass footswitch and can be powered either via 9-volt battery or a standard center tip negative power supply.

Jonas Cleasson, a surf art painter from Australia has created this art design. Kaz has an Italian Greyhound dog as a pet, and often walks him in the woods. When they were in the woods, he howled like a wolf and the blood of the ancestors made a fuss. Upon returning home, they curled up on the couch and went back to being a normal dog. This is the inspiration for the IWAW Distortion. Let your inner wolf out!


VOL: Adjusts the volume.

TONE: Adjusts the tone centered on the high frequency component.

DRIVE: Adjusts the strength of the distortion.

Current consumption: 6mA

Input impedance: 500k ohm

Output impedance: 10k ohm