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Keeley Electronics - Compressor Plus - Classic Keeley Compressor

Keeley Electronics - Compressor Plus - Classic Keeley Compressor
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Keeley are renowned for building exceptional quality pedals, and their popular compressor units are seen on countless pedalboards across the world. The new Compressor Plus pedal is a permanent replacement for the classic 4 Knob Compressor, and if Keeley are confident enough to replace a legendary stomp box like that - then this new offering must be good!

Everything about the Compressor Plus is simple, but effective. Conventional Sustain and Level controls allow you to adjust the compression ratio and amount of gain respectively. The Compressor Plus also has versatile Blend and Tone controls to tweak the hold it has on your dry signal. There's also a single-coil/humbucker mode switch, letting you set the pedal appropriately depending on the pickups in your guitar.

Blend and Tone Controls

Blend controls are becoming more and more popular on contemporary compressor pedals. The Compressor Plus has been fitted with its Blend to meet the needs of modern guitarists.

It lets you adjust the mix of the compressed and uncompressed signal: if you want more transparency, you can use this control to your advantage. If you turn the control all the way to the left you get a 50/50 blend, and all the way to the right produces all the squashed pluck you’ll ever need.

The Tone control is another great feature, providing a way to adjust the brightness of the output. This means that if you’re running into a dark-sounding amp or using a guitar with humbuckers, you can crank this control to compensate and allow your guitar sound to cut through.

Single-Coil & Humbucker Mode

A new feature of the Compressor Plus is the single-coil/humbucker mode switch. This switch adjusts the attack and release, to suit your guitar. This is yet another feature that provides you with great versatility and the option to tweak the pedal perfectly for your setup.