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GFI System Duophony Advanced Parallel Blender

GFI System Duophony Advanced Parallel Blender
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About the Product

Duophony is our take on the lowly 'parallel blender' pedal. We took the basic concept of blending two effects together to the next level by integrating the classic signal blender functionalities with modern features and intuitive user interface. The result is a solid blending machine, optimized to help you unleash the unexplored ideas of parallel blending and discover new ways of sculpting limitless soundscape!

Full stereo signal paths

Duophony features full stereo signal paths throughout. TRS jacks supports both mono and stereo connections for the inputs and effect loops, while dedicated Left and Right TS jacks are provided for the outputs.

Hassle-free blending with presets

16 presets, readily accessible via the two on-board footswitches, external aux-switches, and MIDI.

Expressive Flexibility 

Adjust blending ratio or the Dry signal level at will with an expression pedal!

Fully configurable Heel and Toe values for flexible expressive control. Expression pedals with 10 KOhm pot value are supported.

Modulated Blending

A unique feature that Duophony has is “Modulated Blending”, the ability to modulate the blending action with an internal LFO. When modulation is activated, an internal LFO will produce a waveform whose shape maps directly to the blend ratio. Modulation speed can be controlled via expression pedal, tap-tempo, or MIDI clock.

Comprehensive external control ​​

  • Expression Pedal - with adjustable heel and toe values.
  • Aux Switches - accepts up to 3 external switches for versatile control (tap-tempo, bank up/down, etc).
  • MIDI In - nearly all features and functionalities of the pedal are opened to MIDI access, including MIDI clock. 

Purity and Precision

100% analog signal paths, coupled with high headroom and low-noise design preserve your signals and tone.

Precise digital control provides seamless user interface and ease of use.


  • Input impedances : 1 MOhm.
  • Output impedances : 500 Ohm.
  • Current draw : ~150 mA.
  • Input / Sends / Returns jacks : 1/4 inch TRS.
  • Output jacks : 1/4 inch TS.
  • Expression / Aux input jack: 1/4 inch TRS.
  • MIDI Input connector: 1/8 inch TRS.
  • USB connector : Type C
  • Dimension : 9.7 x 12 cm (3.8 x 4.7 inch)
  • Power requirement : 9VDC / 150mA, negative-center plug (Power supply is not included).

Kay Features

  • True stereo on all (inputs, outputs, & FX loops) signal paths.
  • Parallel or Series routing modes.
  • 3 parallel blend modes : XY mix, Y plus [X], and X plus [Y].
  • 16 Presets.
  • Fully adjustable dry signal level.
  • Phase invert function on loop X.
  • Individual gain control for each loop.
  • Bypass function with or without trails.
  • Expression pedal and Aux switches control input.
  • MIDI input.
  • Full-featured modulation engine.