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Jackson Audio 1484 - Twin Twelve

Jackson Audio 1484 - Twin Twelve
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In 1963, history was made with the release of the Silvertone Twin Twelve Amplifier. Originally listed in the sears catalog as the 1484, the Twin Twelve was offered from 1963 to 1967 and became the most coveted of all the Silvertone amplifiers. The unique sound of this amplifier proudly powers the tones of many of today’s best rock icons such as Jack White, Dave Grohl, Beck, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) and many more.

Today Jackson Audio and Silvertone make history again with the introduction of the 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal.

An exact recreation of the legendary Twin Twelve amplifier, the 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal can be used as a studio-grade preamp, booster, EQ or overdrive depending on how the controls are set.

Bring back the classic Silvertone clean and overdriven tones and own the tone of legends. Relive history with the 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal.

"The 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal is a part-for-part recreation of the Silvertone Twin Twelve Amplifier. Not inspired by, or modeled after the original, the 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal takes the exact schematic from the legendary amplifier and replaces all of the vacuum tubes with JFET's. JFET's are a unique type of transistor that behave very much like vacuum tubes. These inherent features of JFET's are what give the 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal the same touch sensitivity and dynamic response as the original amplifier.

To gain every bit of performance and tone out of the JFET's, we built a robust power supply including a voltage doubler, which internally converts 9V to 18V so the JFET's have a much greater dynamic response and touch sensitivity when compared to pedals running at 9V.

Each one of these pedals is built by hand, using top-quality parts, including a polished stainless steel enclosure just like the original amplifier chassis. Perhaps the most iconic visual element of the Silvertone 1484 Amplifier, the knobs, were no longer being made, so we custom manufactured them to recreate the classic look, in a size appropriate to the pedal’s dimensions.

No detail was overlooked in bringing this legendary circuit back in its original form, but we didn't stop there. To offer features that players need in this era, we included a soft-click true bypass foot switch, so your bypassed tone remains intact and the loud pop of switching is a thing of the past.