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Keeley Electronics - Dark Side - Fuzz, Delay, Flanger, Phaser

Keeley Electronics - Dark Side - Fuzz, Delay, Flanger, Phaser
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Take a walk on the dark side of the moon with the Keeley Dark Side fuzz/modulation pedal. It's the easiest way to get you into 'Floyd' territory with two separate electronics circuits; a versatile fuzz on one side and an array of modulation on the other.

You'll have access to some of the world's most famous tones with big ambient tape delays and long-sustaining phasers and flange sounds. Select which circuit enters first into the signal chain for endless tonal possibilities.


The Dark Side fuzz ranges from mild and woolly to blazing mid-range punch to cut through a mix. You can dial in a precise amount of fuzz thanks to sensitive controls, as well as a level for the gain.

It also has 3 switchable parameters:

  • Flat - A standard starting point. Great for Single-coil guitars as they already have enough prominent twang.
  • Scoop - For fat, chunky rhythm sounds. 'Muff said.
  • Full - This will give you enough cut to push through a band mix for any solos. Shine on...


The left side of the pedal contains powerful modulation circuit. The Dark Side's scope of modulations will launch you out the stratosphere and beyond. They are designed for swirly ambience. And they're completely voiced to compliment the fuzz, so you won't lose your guitar sound in the mix. They are :

  • Flanger - Metallic flanger for sheering, cutting modulation.  
  • Rotary - For tremolo-esque sounds. Sounds great on a clean or mild overdrive.
  • U-vibe - Swirly, washy, 70s sounds. Hendrix loved it amongst many others.
  • Phaser - Big and washy without being too brash.


  • Expression Output
  • 9v Power Input