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Fulltone - Full-Drive 1 Pedal

Fulltone - Full-Drive 1 Pedal
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A Slimmer, ’90s-voiced Full-Drive

The sought-after sounds of Mike Fuller’s collectible pre-MOSFET Full-Drive II pedals (sans the Boost) come to players everywhere in the slimmer, simpler Fulltone Full-Drive 1. This JRC4558-fueled dirt box’s 3-way tone toggle will please Full-Drive lovers of all eras. It includes the original full-mids Comp Cut voicing of the earliest orange/black Full-Drive II and the Flat Mids and Vintage modes of later blue/cream versions. Its deliberately downsized enclosure is a better fit for today’s bare-bones boards, and 9–18-volt operation gives the Fulltone Full-Drive 1 room to grow as players’ tastes do. True bypass operation preserves tone and performance.

Based on late-’90s Full-Drive IIs

One look at the used market and it’s clear: players are still willing to pay a hefty premium for a late-’90s Full-Drive II. It’s from this era that the Full-Drive 1 draws the lion’s share of its tonal inspiration. The 3-way toggle includes early full-mids Comp Cut mode and later Flat Mids and Vintage voicings for a wide range of drive tones from a single box.

Boost-less design

The Full-Drive 1 forgoes the Boost circuit and fourth knob of later Full-Drive models, resulting in a smaller, simpler design.

Fulltone Full-Drive 1 Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • A slimmer, simpler Full-Drive without the Boost channel
  • Based on late-’90s-era Full-Drive II pedals
  • 808-style JRC4558 IC
  • Full-mid Comp Cut voicing looks to the earliest orange/black Full-Drive II
  • Flat Mids and Vintage voicings inspired by later blue/cream models
  • 9–18-volt operation will please tone tweakers
  • Convenient rear-mounted jacks and power port