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SolidGoldFX - SUPA FUNK - Envelope Bi-Filter

SolidGoldFX - SUPA FUNK - Envelope Bi-Filter
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Designed for some serious stank, the Supa Funk is an old-school, dual-band envelope filter, but with some totally modern twists! Featuring a responsive and articulate attack generator plus an expanded control set, it also features our new Color knob that blends in a second low-pass filter to help you to go from a classic bom-chicka-wow-wow funk, all the way to rich, throaty and vocal filter sweeps.  

Main Features:

  • Dual blendable low pass filters
  • Tuneable analog envelope generator with depth, frequency and sensitivity controls
  • Direction switch for forward or reverse sweeps
  • Suitable for guitar, bass, synth/keys and other electronic applications
  • All analog audio path
  • True bypass switching and top-mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting
  • Made in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU

(centre -, 2,1 mm, 20 mA current draw)

It’s no secret that we like to get funky here at the SolidGoldFX HQ, as we’ve already cut our tone teeth on former filter devices, the Funkzilla and Funk-lite. Supa Funk is the distillation of everything that we learned from our previous filter fests, helping us to bring you a pedal that perfectly captures the groovy tones of the past, while filtering out all of yesteryears shortcomings. Hence you get superb dynamic and smooth filter tones, that perfectly follow and embellish every single nuance of your playing. While the blendable second low-pass filter enables you to create filter tones so rich that they will make Jeff Bezos weep.

Housed in a compact and intuitive package, the pedal’s 5 knobs and a single toggle lets you determine if you’re slinging out subtle low-pass sweeps or shooting sonic lasers.

Depth adjusts the width or peak of the envelope effect, letting you go from shallow waves to super sweeps in seconds flat. Freq sets the center frequency of the filter, where counter-clockwise lets you hone in on those beefy and dubby tones, while clockwise will give you brighter tones that really cut.

Sens adjusts both decay time and sensitivity. Going clockwise allows the envelope to trigger with ease and keeps it open for longer, while counter-clockwise lets you tame the trigger sensitivity and keep the filter decay shorter and snappier. Turning Sens fully counter-clockwise turns off the envelope, to allow you to dial in fixed filter tones with the Frequency knob - great for creating filtered lo-fi tones or classic cocked-wah sounds. 

Color blends in the second low-pass filter. Going counter-clockwise will give you brighter and sharper filter tones, while turning that bad boy clockwise will bring out all the chewy growl and girth you could ever want. Finally, the Level pot lets you determine how loud you want the funk (we recommend LOUD), while the Direction toggle lets you get classic forward sweeping filter tones to the left, and shooting futuristic filter rockets to the right.

To complete its all analog funkariffic tonal pallet, the Supa Funk is housed in a beautiful 70’s retro themed enclosure with top mounted jacks and soft touch true-bypass switching and is built entirely by a passionate team of gearheads in our Montreal shop. So, plug in and mash that stomp switch if you’re ready to get down and boogie... you supply the groove and this little box will bring the funk!