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Andy's Overdriven Tone and More
If you're looking to nail Andy Timmons's signature tone, then it's waiting inside the JHS AT Drive V2. And with the addition of an independently switchable boost circuit, there's more onboard the AT Drive than ever before. Andy kept the tone and feel of his original signature drive, but he added a couple of options to make his pedal more versatile. And you'll still find the easy-to-use EQ and the 3-way headroom switch that gives you the gain and response of 25-, 50-, and 100-watt amplifiers. The JHS AT Drive V2 is the next evolution of JHS's popular Angry Charlie distortion pedal.

The Andy Timmons Tone
A cranked British-style amplifier has always been the core of Andy Timmons's sound. But Andy found himself sometimes having to play through unfamiliar amplifiers and struggling to get his tone. That's why he bonded so quickly with JHS's British amp-in-a-box Angry Charlie pedal. By adding a couple of options to this design, his signature AT Drive V2 is able to get his identifiable singing tone through any clean amplifier. And its wide range of gain helps Andy keep all the nuance that his sound is famous for.

3-way headroom switch
The biggest tonal difference from the Angry Charlie is the AT Drive V2's 3-way headroom switch. JHS describes this feature as a way to get real 25-, 50-, and 100-watt tube amp performance from a pedal. The 100-watt mode has the most headroom and clarity. The 50-watt position gives you a touch of compression to simulate a cranked amp's power section. And the 25-watt setting is the most compressed and overdriven. Sweetwater players love this setting for a boutique low-watt amp sound.

Independent boost
No matter how you get your dirt, all guitarists run into moments when we need more. And thanks to the variable boost circuit found in the AT Drive V2, more is only a tap of your toe away. Situated before the gain circuit in the pedal, you're able to push the onboard grit into more harmonically rich sustain. It is also completely independent, making it a great tool for slamming the front end of your amplifier or the other dirt pedals in your chain.

JHS Pedals AT (Andy Timmons) Drive V2 Pedal Features:
Andy Timmons signature overdrive pedal
Driven British amp-in-a-box
3-way headroom switch varies gain and response
Air control tunes the high frequencies
Variable boost circuit pushes the drive circuit
Boost can be used independent of the onboard drive