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Matthews Effects - Broker - Duality Overdrive

Matthews Effects - Broker - Duality Overdrive
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The Broker is a unique dual overdrive solution in a compact single footprint enclosure! With the ability to toggle the order of the overdrives and a wide range of tones the Broker is a great solution for large and small pedalboards. Independent controls of “Volume”, “Tone” and “Gain” easily dial in each channel to perfectly compliment your sound.


Dual overdrive circuits: We fit two complete and complementary overdrive circuits into a single footprint package with a wide range of ways to dial them in.

Channel Stacking: Find whole new tonal options by stacking the channels into each other!

Order Control: Program which channel you want to run first/second in your chain! The leds will change color to indicate where each channel is in the signal path.


Black Channel

The Black Channel is our take on a classic soft clipping overdrive. Some things are classic's for a reason and we have 808 reasons why this circuit sounds fantastic. The black channel has a red LED.

Silver Channel

The Silver Channel is a hot rodded version of the classic "Blues Breaker" circuit. We took the original to a whole new level by adding germanium hard clipping diodes and a whole new output stage!  This channel has a wide range of gain taking it from a dirty boost to a thick heavy overdrive. The silver channel has a blue LED.



Black Knob:

  • Gain: Dial in your tone from a dirty boost to a nice medium overdrive pushing all the right frequencies .
  • Tone: A active treble control lets you dial your tone in perfectly no matter the amount of gain you have dialed in
  • Volume: Increase/decrease your volume

Silver Knob:

  • Gain: Dial in your tone from a dirty boost to a thick heavy overdrive giving you a wide range of dynamic sounds to choose from.
  • Tone: A passive treble controls gives you the perfect control over your tone.
  • Volume: Increase/decrease your volume



Rick Matthews obsesses over every last detail to make the highest quality and intuitive pedals available. This commitment to excellence is on full display with the Broker.

  • High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response
  • Top-mounted jacks make pedal board placement effortless
  • Dual Overdrive circuits in a single footprint
  • Soft-touch footswitch designed for years of abuse
  • Programmable circuit order
  • Includes Matthews Effects limited lifetime warranty